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Have fun herp-derping around in here. The prevalence of heart disease has been linked to the adoption of a sedentary lifestyle and the increased dietary dependence on saturated fats from animal sources and the intake of refined foods. Elevated blood cholesterol level is one of the major risk factors for CHD.

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While cholesterol-lowering drug therapy statins has been effective in reducing the risk of heart disease, there are those individuals who are unwilling or because of muscle pains or raised levels of liver or muscle enzymes are unable to take cholesterol-lowering medication. Fortunately, there is evidence linking a number of dietary components to CHD risk reduction. The strength of this evidence has prompted various regulatory bodies to advocate diet as the first line of defence for primary prevention of heart disease.

It was therefore decided to combine four dietary components that have been shown to lower blood cholesterol concentrations nuts, plant sterols, viscous fibre and vegetable protein in a dietary portfolio in order to determine whether the combined effect is additive. In a metabolically-controlled setting this dietary portfolio has proved to be as effective as a starting dose of a first-generation statin cholesterol-lowering medication in reducing the risk of CHD. The dietary portfolio has also been shown to be effective in sustaining a clinically-significant effect in the long term under a 'real-world' scenario.

However, success of the diet depends on compliance and despite the accessibility of the foods adherence has been found to vary greatly. Overall, the evidence supports the beneficial role of the dietary portfolio in reducing blood cholesterol levels and CHD risk. Relationship between dietary approaches to stop hypertension score and presence or absence of coronary heart diseases in patients referring to Imam Hossein Hospital, Tehran, Iran.

However, there is little information about the relationship between DASH and coronary heart diseases.

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This study aimed to assess the relationship between a DASH-style diet adherence score and coronary heart diseases CHD in patients referring for coronary angiography. METHODS: In this study, adults males, 99 females within the age range of years who referred for coronary angiography were selected.

Diet was evaluated using a validated food frequency questionnaire. However, after adjustment for gender or smoking, there was little evidence that coronary heart disease was associated with DASH diet score. This might indicate that having a healthy dietary pattern, such as DASH pattern, is highly related to gender dietary pattern is healthier in women than men or smoking habit non-smokers have healthier dietary pattern compared to smokers. Does a low-income urban population practise healthy dietary habits?

The purpose of this study was to identify the unhealthy dietary habits and practices in a low-income community in an urban area and determine the associated factors. A cross-sectional survey was conducted in a low-income housing area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Data were collected using a questionnaire via face-to-face interviews by trained enumerators in order to obtain details on sociodemographic characteristics and dietary practices. Descriptive statistics showed that In total, Binary logistic regression showed that age, education and ethnicity were significant predictors of unhealthy dietary practices among the low-income community.

Those in the years age group had higher odds odds ratio 1. Unhealthy dietary practices were found to be common among the low-income group living in an urban area. Healthy lifestyle intervention should be highlighted so that it can be adopted in the low-income group. The present study deals with the plausible association between the trace elemental imbalances and the emergence of valvular heart disease VHD.

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However, after adjustment for gender or smoking, there was little evidence that coronary heart disease was associated with DASH diet score. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Create a collection for specific lesson or subject and share it with your students or friends. Unconditional logistic regression was used to estimate the associations. However, the results from limited epidemiologic studies have been inconclusive. The benefits of chocolate can be enjoyed without guilt as part of a healthful balanced diet.

Median levels of Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn and Sr in the scalp hair of patients were significantly higher compared to those of the healthy donors, while the median concentrations of K and Na were found to be considerably higher in the scalp hair of the healthy donors. The correlation coefficients among the elements in the hair of VHD patients were significantly diverse compared to those of the healthy donors. Multivariate statistical methods showed noticeably dissimilar apportionment of the elements in the two groups. Overall, the study revealed significant imbalances among the essential and toxic elements in the scalp hair of VHD patients compared to those of the healthy subjects.

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Maternal and child dietary intake: The role of maternal healthy -eater self-schema. Mothers play a key role in shaping the dietary intake of their young children through their own dietary intake and the foods they make available at home. Therefore, understanding the mechanisms underlying maternal food choices is crucial. Cognitions about the self as a healthy eater, referred to as healthy -eater self-schema HESS , predict dietary intake in diverse samples, but the linkage has not been investigated in mothers and their feeding behaviors.

This study examined the relationship between a maternal HESS, maternal and child intake of fruits, vegetables, saturated fat, and added sugar, and home food availability. Multiple regression and multiple mediation analyses were performed. Maternal HESS was positively associated with maternal intake of fruits and vegetables, and negatively associated with intake of added sugar.

Maternal HESS was not directly associated with child dietary intake, but was indirectly associated with child intake of fruits, vegetables, and added sugar through maternal intake of the same foods. Home food availability was not significantly associated with HESS. This study found that a mother's HESS was positively associated with her diet, which was subsequently associated with aspects of her child's diet. Interventions to foster development of HESS in mothers may be an effective means to promote healthy dietary intake in mothers and their young children.

Full Text Available Abstract Background Dietary assessment tools are often too long, difficult to quantify, expensive to process, and largely used for research purposes. A rapid and accurate assessment of dietary fat intake is critically important in clinical decision-making regarding dietary advice for coronary risk reduction. Methods We surveyed active-duty US Army personnel without known coronary artery disease at their intake interview for a primary prevention cardiac intervention trial using the Block food frequency FFQ and MF questionnaires.

Both surveys were completed on the same intake visit and independently scored. Correlations between each tools' assessment of fat intake, the agreement in AHA step categorization of dietary quality with each tool, and the test characteristics of the MF using the FFQ as the gold standard were assessed. Results Subjects consumed a mean of The MF was accurate at the extremes of fat intake, but could not reliably identify the 3 AHA dietary classifications. Currently recommended. Less healthy dietary pattern is associated with smoking in Korean men according to nationally representative data.

The relationship between smoking and nutrient intake has been widely investigated in several countries. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the association of dietary patterns with smoking in Korean men using a nationally representative sample. The study subjects were comprised of 4, Korean men over 19 yr of age who participated in the fourth Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Dietary data were assessed by the hr recall method. The smoking group comprised 2, men Thus, the result of this study underlines the need for health professionals to also provide advice on dietary patterns when counseling patients on smoking cessation. Dietary adequacy of Egyptian children with autism spectrum disorder compared to healthy developing children. Although the etiology and pathology of autism spectrum disorder ASD is still poorly understood, a number of environmental, anthropological, neurobiological and genetic factors have been related to the pathophysiology of ASD, even the impact of oxidative stress response related to the environment and nutrition intake.

Usual recommended dietary habits are based on the combination of behavioral and dietary or nutraceutical interventions together with pharmacotherapy. Investigations about a reliable relationship between diet and ASD are still lacking. The present study aimed at comparing dietary regimens and habits of normally developing apparently healthy children, without diagnosed ASD, with a pediatric population of individuals affected by autistic disorder.

Assessments of nutritional and anthropometric data, in addition to biochemical evaluation for nutrient deficiencies, were performed. A total of 80 children with autistic disorder and 80 healthy , normally developing pediatric individuals were enrolled in the study. Parents were asked to complete the standardized questionnaire regarding the different types of food and the proportion of a serving for their children. Biochemical analysis of micro- and macronutrients were also done. Plotting on the Egyptian sex-specific anthropometric growth auximetric chart, absolute weights as well as weight-related for age classes, were significantly higher in cases than healthy controls. No differences between groups were observed in regard to total kilocalories kcal , carbohydrates, and fat intake. A total of Children with autistic disorder showed low dietary intake of some micronutrients; calcium Ca , magnesium Mg , iron Fe , selenium Se and sodium Na , also they had significantly high intake of potassium K and vitamin C compared to healthy.

Miller, Wayne L.

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Aims Aldosterone activation is central to the sodium-fluid retention that marks the progression of heart failure HF. The actions of dietary sodium restriction, a mainstay in HF management, on cardiorenal and neuroendocrine adaptations during the progression of HF are poorly understood. The study aim was to assess the role of dietary sodium during the progression of experimental HF. Methods and Results Experimental HF was produced in a canine model by rapid right ventricular pacing which evolves from early mild HF to overt, severe HF.

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Dogs were fed one of three diets: 1 high sodium [ mEq 5. During the 38 day study hemodynamics, renal function, renin activity PRA , and aldosterone were measured. Changes in hemodynamics at 38 days were similar in all three groups, as were changes in renal function. Aldosterone activation was demonstrated in all three groups, however, dietary sodium restriction, in contrast to high sodium, resulted in early 10 days activation of PRA and aldosterone. High sodium demonstrated significant suppression of aldosterone activation over the course of HF progression. Conclusions Excessive dietary sodium restriction particularly in early stage HF results in early aldosterone activation, while normal and excess sodium intake are associated with delayed or suppressed activation.

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These findings warrant evaluation in humans to determine if dietary sodium manipulation, particularly during early stage HF, may have a significant impact on neuroendocrine disease progression. Few studies have investigated the long-term impact of overall dietary patterns DPs on healthy aging HA , and current findings are inconsistent. Our study's objective was to investigate the association between empirically derived DPs in midlife and HA after 13 y of follow-up.

Baseline dietary data from repeated h dietary records on average, 10 records per participant of a subsample of the SU. HA was assessed in among participants of the SU. MAX study aged y at baseline , who were initially free of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

HA was defined as not developing any major chronic disease, good physical and cognitive functioning, no limitations in instrumental activities of daily living, no depressive symptoms, no health-related limitations in social life, good overall self-perceived health, and no function-limiting pain. The association between DPs in tertiles and HA was evaluated by using multivariable logistic regression, and a potential interaction with energy intake was investigated.

A "Western" and a " healthy " DP were identified. After adjustment for a large number of potential confounders, there was no significant association between the Western DP and HA. Moreover, the healthy pattern was not associated with HA among subjects with high i. Among subjects with low i. Adherence to a healthy diet in midlife that provides micronutrients, fiber, and antioxidants while regulating energy intake may help to promote HA.

Dietary restriction with and without caloric restriction for healthy aging [version 1; referees: 3 approved. Full Text Available Caloric restriction is the most effective and reproducible dietary intervention known to regulate aging and increase the healthy lifespan in various model organisms, ranging from the unicellular yeast to worms, flies, rodents, and primates.